Our Mission:

2015 Instructors

2015 Instructors

Girls Rock Louisville empowers girls and gender non-conforming youth from all backgrounds by exploring music creation in a supportive, inclusive environment. We view music as a force for change and community building and as an opportunity to develop self-confidence, self-expression, and involvement in social justice.

Our Vision:

We envision a world in which girls’ and women’s perspectives, strengths, and expertise are actively celebrated and shape the broader community, and where collaboration is valued over competition and isolation.

What we do:

Girls Rock Louisville (GRL) seeks to create a supportive community of peers and positive mentors that encourage and teach girls to be their own rock heroes, allowing them to think differently about limits that may be placed upon them by our society. Our programming provides unique opportunities that are rarely found elsewhere: we use music as a vehicle to eradicate limiting myths about gender and age; we increase access and exposure to music education and hands-on learning; and our programming encourages collaboration, leadership skills, and self-confidence.

Girls Rock Louisville is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

2018 Board of Directors:
Terri Whitehouse- President, Fundraising Committee Chair
Erika Schneider- Vice President, Marketing Committee Chair
Catherine Bendl- Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
Matt Barszcz- Secretary, Board Outreach and Community Partnership Chair
Allison Cuyjet- Finance Committee Chair
Diane Pecknold- Programming Committee Chair

**If you are interested in learning about opportunities for participation in board service, please contact Matt Barszcz.**

Girls Rock Louisville Staff and Organizers
Carrie Neumayer: Executive Director
Meg Samples: Music Education Director
Laura Quimby: Gear Coordinator
Tajah McQueen: Feelings Team Coordinator
Mary Ralph: Workshop Coordinator
Salena Filichia: Showcase Coordinator
JD Green: Programming Team Member
Suzanne Edds: Fundraising Team Member
Joni Tamalonis: Fundraising Team Member
Jerika Jones: Communications Team Member/ GRLCast Co-Producer
Jordan Martin: Communications Team Member/ GRLCast Co-Producer
Bree Cameron: Communications Team Member

Thank you to our amazing 2016 & 2017 GRL Summer Camp Volunteers!

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Girls Rock Louisville is a member of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance.